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Business Development and Marketing Manager Fine Chemicals

General information

Division Angelini Fine Chemicals
Function Marketing
Reports to Fine Chemicals Director (directly)
Job location Aprilia (Italy)
Other information

The Fine Chemicals Division has a turnover of €30M and has 180 staff. The plant is highly technological and cutting edge and is subject to significant technological investment (eg. high level containment suites).

Job purpose

To bring added value to the commercial division through the development of new business, the optimisation of the product portfolio, the management of existing clients and B2B marketing activities at a global level.

Main Activities and Responsibilities

Bringing new business and managing existing clients
Further developing contract third party fine chemical manufacturing for key accounts
Marketing activities B2B such as sponsoring technologies at 3rd party clients, drafting of articles for technical magazines, participation in conferences, panel discussions, forums

Management Responsibilities

Number/role of direct reports None currently but there will be reports in the future. The existing structure has 4 people
Number/role of reports in dotted line N/A

Other information

Education University Degree

Experience of 3-5 years in digital and business innovation.

Commercial vision
Project management, strategic thinking and leadership skills
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